Youth Band leads Fremantle Children’s Fiesta Parade

The Youth Band had a great day out at the Fremantle Children’s Fiesta where they were invited to earn funds for South Perth Lions Club by leading three parades around the park. This year’s theme for the fiesta was birds. Led by director Phil Hatton on the bass drum, the Youth Band mastered admirably the art of marching while playing their instruments, and looked the full part in the brilliant bird masks made for them by the organisers!

Version 2

Version 2

One of the songs they played was ‘Watermelon Man’ so we brought along watermelon and purchased special Fremantle-made icecreams to cool everyone down after their marches.  Many chose salted caramel icecream – what a taste sensation! At the end of the last parade the Youth Band played for a stunning red-tailed black cockatoo who joined the children dressed as birds and danced for the crowd!

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