Seeking Donations: Do you have an old iPad or Android tablet you can donate?

Do you have an old iPad or Android tablet you can donate?

You can really help our music program by donating your old tablet.

  • The tablets will be used by our musicians to access our digital sheet music library
  • Many band members already own tablets, but there are members who need assistance.
  • Having a few spare tablets at rehearsals and gigs would be a huge help. It will save Phil (Director) and Cathy (Librarian) a huge amount of time wrangling paper sheets for subs.
  • Reduces the risk of losing original paper sheet music (which has happened in the past – ouch!)

If you have upgraded your iPad or Android tablet and would like to donate your old one, please pass to Lorna (Band Coordinator) or Phil (Musical Director).

A note from the band

Sharing music together is a very great joy for all of us, and we are honoured to be able to help our community, and the Lions Club, through music. The Band is extremely grateful for any help you can provide to help us in our mission. Thank you so much for your kind donation.

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